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Our membership system is very simple and easy to use. You can sign up for available packages or by single tool membership. Once payment is confirmed via PayPal it’s activated instantly. If you want to make payment via manually payment methods like JazzCash, EasyPaisa, Skrill, BTC or Bank Transfer, You need to send us payment proof and after verification, our support team agent will activate your account.


It depends how you use tool, if you do research via using tools, other users won’t be able to see your data, if you monitor any data in tools, in that case other users might see your data. History is protected and can’t be seen by others. Our system is 101% secure for users data and we have no logout issues if any other user login. You can access our service anytime from anywhere.


Absolutly Not.

We block sharing and No refund is provided if user found abusing / sharing the service. While sign up you agree to our terms and conditions for single user and single device only.

If you do not like our service you can request a refund with 24hrs of sign up. After 24hrs you can’t claim a refund as this is a group buy service. If your account is terminated or suspended or blocked due to any violation of our terms and condition user can’t claim a refund.


We aim to provide highest uptime. But issue are part of group buy services. We try our best to provide alternative solution as soon as possible. If we fail to provide any solution after 48 hrs. You can request partial refund of specific tool causing down time.

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